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The administration and the police are called upon to review the sanctions to be imposed on brokers and touts to combat them


Feb 18, 2022

KAYANZA February 17th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza province (northern Burundi), Colonel Rémy Cishahayo recommends to communal administrators to triple the fine which was 100,000 BIF to livestock brokers so that they break definitively with that practice. He also asks the population of Kayanza to denounce them.

That is when the cattle brokers are talking about them in the markets of Bumba and Gatwaro respectively in Butaganzwa and Kayanza communes. That campaign does not spare touts.

According to the officials and accountants of the aforementioned communes, once apprehended, the commissionaires are fined 100,000 BIF. Reacting to this situation, Governor Cishahayo, who considers them to be qualified thieves, asks the administration of Butaganzwa and Kayanza communes to triple the fine, which should go from 100,000 BIF to 300,000 BIF so that the commissionaires can cut this bad habit short. to consume what they have not produced. “They go to the markets with sticks only and return with their pockets stuffed with money when they don’t even raise a cobaille”, he laments.

As for the touts who are singled out in the urban center of Kayanza, the same provincial authority asks the urban administration of Kayanza to collaborate with the forces of order to dismantle the groups of touts.