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Women from the Mugoboka neighborhood are committed to entrepreneurship


Feb 18, 2022

BUJUMBURA February 17th (ABP) – 69 women from the Mugoboka neighborhood have come together since 2016 to start raising pigs to fight poverty. That is how they created a cooperative called Twizigirane, it was noted on Saturday February 12, 2022 during an interview that the chairperson of that cooperative Mrs. Marie Goreth Nzeyimana gave to the check of ABP.

                The chairperson of Twizigirane cooperative, Mrs. Marie Goreth Nzeyimana

Indeed, they were subdivided into 11 groups made up of 6 people each. At the beginning, each group had to contribute about 17,000 BIF to constitute the seed capital. Thus, each group bought two pigs (male and female). The members of the groups share the profit taking into account the pigs given birth. For example, said Mrs. Nzeyimana, when a pig gives birth to 8 pigs, each of 6 people receives a pig and the two who remain will constitute the capital.

According to Mrs. Nzeyimana, each person in the group must contribute to feed these pigs and ensure their treatment against diseases and are organized into tasks. Some provide food in the morning and others in the evening.

According to her, this cooperative has a preponderant character on the one hand for the members and on the other hand for the State, because it contributes by paying taxes and duties. Mrs. Nzeyimana is delighted that thanks to that cooperative they have been able to fight against poverty and are now able to easily send their children to school.

However, she let it be known that they are facing a certain number of difficulties, in particular certain members who do not want to work with zeal, which sometimes causes some misunderstanding, difficulties linked to pandemic diseases which often attack these pigs and which cause the death of some and many other challenges.

In addition, she indicated that other women in the surrounding area are beginning to understand the importance of grouping together in cooperatives because there are some who are gradually joining this cooperative. She added that the members who were 69 at the beginning are now over 80. To this end, she launched an urgent appeal to other women to work together by grouping together in cooperatives with a view to fight against poverty in their families and contribute to the development of the country.