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A period of one month is granted to purchasers of plots not yet developed in serviced sites


Feb 15, 2022

GITEGA February 14th (ABP) – The Minister of Infrastructure, Equipment and Social Housing, Ir. Déogratias Nsanganiyumwami, accompanied by a delegation from the ministry and OBUHA, paid a visit on Friday February 11, 2022, the serviced sites of Zege I, Bwoga I, II and II extension, Karera II and III as well as Ntobwe to acquire the state of progress of the development of the plots of those sites.

As an observation, around 40% of the plots of those sites have not been developed, said the Minister during an interview with journalists. He pointed out that some plots are made up of maize and bean fields and others are surrounded by foundations or fences. That’s not the development of serviced plots, he said.

The Minister of Infrastructure indicated that before starting to service new sites in the political capital and allocating plots to new buyers, the first serviced sites must first be well organized and managed. Based on this wish, Minister Nsanganiyumwami has, for the last time, granted the purchasers of these plots a one-month formal notice to begin construction work. He called on them to go to the services of the ministry and OBUHA to request the necessary documents to begin construction work and to actually carry out the projects declared when requesting these plots. The Minister then informed the purchasers of these plots that after a month, he will send the same delegation to make an inventory of the plots not yet developed. He let them know that these plots will all be withdrawn and allocated to people who have the means to develop them and carry out projects there as soon as possible.

Minister Nsanganiyumwami also visited the Nyabututsi site which will house the premises of Parliament as well as some ministerial administrative offices. The objective was also to assess the progress of the preliminary work, in particular the inventory of the owners of the plots that will benefit from the compensation. According to him, the results are satisfactory, because the technical team of OBUHA has already completed the inventory of those people as well as the calculation of the allowances to be benefited, he said. And to add that currently, this team is finalizing the final report to be transmitted to the ministry to release these expenses of compensation.

Note that the owners of plots in Nyabututsi lament that there are things that did not go well when calculating compensation. The Minister has informed them that this is a law that is in force.