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Works for the use of compaction machines on the Cankuzo-Gahumo Road and the construction of gutters will soon start


Feb 4, 2022

CANKUZO February 3rd (ABP) – The governor of Cankuzo province (eastern Burundi) Mr. Boniface Banyiyezako held on Saturday January 29, 2022 in Bujumbura, an exchange meeting on the development of the province, at the place of the natives exercising their functions throughout the country.

During this meeting, it was announced that the compaction works of the Cankuzo-Gahumo road and the construction of gutters will start before the end of the first half of this current year.

Mr. Banyiyezako indicated that various achievements have been made, including the connection of water to the various health centers, the construction of latrines in those places and in schools, the sensitization of the population to respond massively to the campaign of the mother health week – child coupled with the vaccination of children aged 6 to 59 months against measles and rubella as well as the indoor spraying campaign against mosquitoes. Added to that was the extension of various classrooms, the construction of storage sheds for agricultural products and the contribution of the communes in desk benches to schools.

                                                                                                                                   View of Cankuzo natives

In sector of health, he welcomed the first place that the province has won in terms of population participation in the various campaigns of 2021. However, he affirms that constraints for the proper functioning of activities in certain areas of provincial life are noted.

Indeed, underlined the Governor of Cankuzo, the lack of personnel and means of transport are the common problems facing the sectors of education, agriculture, justice, and many others. To that, he added the lack of storage shed in agriculture, lack of computer machines in court, desk benches and didactic materials in education.

Despite all those challenges, the respective managers of those sectors congratulated the staff working in these services who spare no effort for the proper arrangement of activities.

In addition, Ir. Melchiade Ntahondereye, provincial director of the environment, agriculture and livestock, called on the various native executives of the province to take responsibility in the promotion of agriculture through the practice of agriculture. modern.

In good governance, it was reported that various meetings have been organized for the people and will continue in order to accommodate the grievances of the population, activities to which the heads of departments accompanying the governor are invited for answers to the various questions that will be asked by the population of the province.

Mr. Banyiyezako also indicated various infrastructures are under construction, citing the Buhumuza stadium, the provincial office in extension, the Mishiha hospital and the hospital for the screening and care of covid19 patients in Kigamba.

Regarding road traffic on the Cankuzo-Muhweza road which is in poor condition, Mr. Félix Ngendabanyikwa, provincial focal point, said that compaction and construction of gutters are planned on the Cankuzo-Gahumo road. (Including Cankuzo-Muhweza) before the end of the first half of this year 2022.

As for the promotion of tourist sites, the Minister of Trade, Transport, Industry and Tourism, Mrs. Marie Chantal Nijimbere said that the construction project of tourist sites at the national level is being prepared.

During this meeting, the participants congratulated the young natives of Cankuzo province for having made projects and which are selected among the best by the Investment Bank for Young People (BIJE) and encouraged these young people to continue to go forward with a view to obtaining further credits from this bank.

Mr. Banyiyezako closed the meeting by calling on the participants for collaboration and enormous contribution for the development of their province.