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The governor of Bubanza province met with the inhabitants of Gihanga commune


Feb 4, 2022

BUBANZA February 3rd (ABP) – Land disputes, the non-respect of free access in certain basic schools, the lack of drinking water and others are mentioned as major concerns of the inhabitants of the Gihanga commune (North-West of Burundi), it was noted from the interview of the governor of Bubanza province, Cléophas Nizigiyimana and the inhabitants of that commune of Gihanga, where they exchanged on Tuesday, February 1, 2022, on their grievances and solutions to be brought to them.

Concerning those land conflicts, the inhabitants of that commune say that these are mainly linked to the sale of land properties, more than once, by owners, considered “dishonest”, they are also linked to cohabitation with men who sell portions of their land holdings without the knowledge of their wives to maintain concubines. These inhabitants indicate that these land conflicts are also linked to those who improvise as owners of land that is not theirs and to the dysfunction of certain judicial bodies.

With regard to the lack of drinking water, in Gihanga commune, participants in this interview indicated that they only receive water during visits from the authorities and when the time comes to pay invoices, while breeders practicing permanent stabling need it for their livestock. That lack of drinking water is also a reality at Gihanga hospital, hence the concern about the frequency of dirty hands diseases.

As for the non-respect of free education in ECOFOs, some of the participants mentioned the payment of 5000 Fbu per student in schools in village 2.

Other concerns, which have been raised during this interview, relate to some grassroots administrators who indulge in corruption for breaking the law, avenues that have been blocked by those who cultivate there. and build houses and others there, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The governor of Bubanza province, Cléophas Nizigiyimana, calls on the heads of the various provincial services, especially those of justice, to fulfill their task properly and to work in the interest of those to whom they render services. As for the hillside administrators who guarantee several sales on a landed property, he warned them that they will be sanctioned in accordance with the law. Governor Nizigiyimana asked the people of Gihanga and the province of Bubanza to devote themselves to increasing production, and safeguarding peace and security.