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The governor is delighted with the social cohesion between the different religious denominations


Feb 3, 2022

KAYANZA February 2nd (ABP) – The Christians of the Church of the Rock in the city of Kayanza in the province of Kayanza (north) must get down to work, take the craze for self-development cooperatives without forgetting to setting up small processing units because no country in the world has developed without its people rolling up their sleeves. The governor of Kayanza made this appeal when he joined the Christians of this church in Sunday prayer on January 30, 2022, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

In his speech of greeting to the Christians of the Church of the Rock in downtown Kayanza, the Governor of Kayanza praised the social cohesion existing between the faithful of different religious denominations in general and that which characterizes the Christians of the Church of Rock in particular.

For him, cases of disagreements have never been reported within this church. At the same time, the governor of Kayanza asked the Christians of the church of the rock of the urban center of Kayanza to support the hardworking and responsible government by acts which are likely to develop the country.

In addition, he asked the representatives of the said church to set up cooperatives bringing together men, women and young people. They were also challenged to get down to work to increase production and the country’s currencies. All the great powers have developed thanks to their peoples who have rolled up their sleeves, he added.

Presenting the situation of the church of the rock in the city of Kayanza, Audace Nzobonimpa, pastor within this church, specified that the Christians understood the merits of coming together, the proof being that the men’s department and that of women have already formed associations which, for him, makes it easier for members to access loans at low interest rates.