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The Bujumbura City Market traders have stopped their strike


Jan 28, 2022

BUJUMBURA January 28th (ABP) – Traders at the Bujumbura City Market “Kwa Siyoni” who had suspended activities since Tuesday following the measure taken by the managers of that market, to raise the cost of renting stalls, have resumed the activities despite their lamentations which have not yet found a solution, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Traders say those rental fees have been revised to almost double. They also say they protest against the decision of those same managers who, according to them, prohibited them from electing their representatives.

During a press conference held on Wednesday January 26 by the commissioner of that market Joseph Dukundane, he pointed out that since the existence of the market, that is the first time that they have taken such a decision. For him, the increase is not important, because the relentless amounts are not important. He explains that the grumbling traders are sub-tenants of the stalls.

Thus, the latter have acquired those stands from those who have rented them and who apply very large amounts to them in order to have profits. Personal benefits that do not enter the coffers of the market, he said. Which, according to him, affected sub-tenant traders when the managers of that market readjusted the amount payable for the rent of the stands. For him, it is an adjustment and not an increase in the amount of rent. Implementation should begin this January, no later than February 10.

Mr. Dukundane said that this readjustment was caused by the outbreak of Covid-19. He pointed out that taps have been installed at the entrances to the market to avoid contamination. He also said that unlike other sectors, in the parking of travel agency vehicles, those amounts have been reduced by 50%.

On the question of the representativeness of the traders of this market, Mr. Dukundane indicated that they can elect their own representatives to allow better communication with the managers of this market and not to unionize.

He called on the strikers to resume their activities, promising that he is always at their disposal whenever they need him for the amicable settlement of any problem that would hinder the smooth running of their activities.