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Governors’ wives have assisted families who gave birth to triplets


Jan 13, 2022

CIBITOKE January 12th (ABP) – Representatives of the wives of the governors of the provinces of Burundi, grouped together in their cooperative called “Mukenyezi uri inkingi w’Iterambere”, carried out a descent on Monday January 10, in different corners of Cibitoke province to assist parents who gave birth to triplets and a vulnerable who recovered from her illness.

In Bukinanyana commune, the representatives of the said cooperative visited a vulnerable couple who gave birth two weeks ago to a triplet in Ndora hospital, a check on the site by ABP has revealed. The aid consisted of powdered milk, rice, beans, potatoes, corn flour, porridge flour, sugar, clothes for babies and mother and a cash envelope.

For the head of the delegation, the object of this gesture was to support the vulnerable young couple of Adèle Nishimwe and her husband who gave birth to triplets, who lacked the necessary to feed their babies.

The socio-cultural advisor to the governor of Cibitoke province, Ms. Jeanne Marie Citegetse, who represented the governor, thanked these female leaders for this commendable gesture. She took the opportunity to call on the neighbors of this couple to support them through community solidarity.

After Bukinanyana, the delegation headed to the headquarters of Mugina commune, to give the same assistance to a couple who also gave birth to triplets.

Mugina’s communal administrator, Julienne Ndayihaya also praised the gesture of these wives of governors, wishing them to move forward in their activities to support the vulnerable.

The visit of the governors’ wives ended with the delivery of aid consisting of rice, beans, potatoes, maize flour and palm oil to a vulnerable person from Rusiga village in Rugombo commune, who settled down from his mental illness a few days ago.

Note also that the representative of the governor of Cibitoke province expressed her satisfaction for that first gesture of the said organization, which targeted her province.