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6000 eucalyptus trees have been planted on Nyarunazi village


Jan 12, 2022

KARUSI January 11th (ABP) – The soil is the support of man, he must be aware and consistent in terms of his protection, said Ms. Calinie Mbarushimana governor of Karusi, on Saturday 01/08/2022 at the Nyarunazi village in Nyabikere commune, during work to protect the environment by planting eucalyptus trees within the framework of “Ewe Burundi urambaye” national program.

                                                                       The commander of the Kamahoro Brigade

The man walks on the ground, he builds his shelter on the ground, he cultivates the ground for his food, makes his breeding on the ground, the same ground which feeds all the animals but he is the first to undress it according to Mrs. Calinie. Mbarushimana. Everyone is called to their protection for their own benefit, she insisted in her speech after the planting of more than 6,000 eucalyptus trees. If the government has put in place a clear policy of environmental protection through the national program Ewe Burundi urambaye it is not free, said Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana.

It is also not free that the honorable deputies, the governor, his chief of staff, the commander of the brigade, the executives of the BPEAE in the head the director and the other functionaries join the people to dress the village of Nyarunazi after Mrs. Calinie Mbarushimana. That one or the other dreams of probable bush fires in the future, that he also thinks of the very severe penalties reserved for him, she told the population who had participated in that activity.

Recall that the same activity took place at Nkoronko village in Buhiga commune on Thursday 01/07/2022.