• Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

The inhabitants of Kavumu are in total desolation following the landslide


May 24, 2024

KAYANZA, May 22nd (ABP) – Some households on the Kavumu village in the Murima zone of Kayanza commune and province (north) say they are very concerned about the fact that their properties and some houses are subsiding.

As a result, some families have moved out, while others are preparing to do so, according to local sources. According to local officials, eight households with 57 members were affected by the landslide. Of those, three have already left the area, while five others are preparing to do so. The landslide also affected fields where crops such as beans, coffee, bananas and potatoes were grown.

Local residents say that even trees over 30m tall have not been spared, and that they have moved up to twenty meters.Faced with that situation, the local administrator of Kayanza, Godefroid Niyonizigiye, is asking the owners of the houses in the area to clear them as soon as possible in order to limit the damage caused by ignorance. He recommended that the other inhabitants of Kavumu come to the aid of those vulnerable to climate change, especially by helping them to make bricks and build new houses, promising that the commune would do its utmost to support them.