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The leader of the APDR party and his close collaborators have carried out a field trip in Muramvya province


Jan 12, 2022

MURAMVYA January 11th (ABP) – The leader of the APDR party known as “Abanyamahoro” Mr. Gabriel Banzawitonde and his close collaborators performed on Sunday January 9, 2022, in the headquarters of Muramvya province (Center-West). Mr. Gabriel Banzawitonde told a check by ABP that that field trip was carried out for three main objectives.

It is the exchange of wishes for the New Year, the continuity of the celebration of the eighth anniversary of the APDR party which was celebrated at the national level on December 5 and finally, an opportunity to communicate to the members of the party living in the province of Muramvya, the strategies adopted by the party to revitalize their party.

Based on these strategies, Mr. Banzawitonde talks about the establishment of hotlines in all corners of the country.

They also decided on strategies so that the local leaders of the APDR could continue frank collaboration and communication with the local administration and other political parties, including that province.

The leader of the APDR party also pointed out that the descent was an opportunity to encourage members of his so-called “Abanyamahoro” party to join together in development cooperatives, in order to be able to finance themselves to fight poverty.

Compared to the current position of the APDR party in Muramvya province, Mr. Banzawitonde said that he is in a good position and that he congratulates the provincial and communal leaders.

Note that it was an opportunity for the president of the APDR party, to communicate that he will once again spend there in April, to open the hotlines in all the municipalities, an activity will continue in all the provinces of country, he hammered.