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People are called upon to adopt strategies leading to sustainable development


Jan 5, 2022

CANKUZO January 5th (ABP) – The governor of Cankuzo province (eastern Burundi), Mr. Boniface Banyiyezako, called on people to adopt strategies leading to sustainable development for the year 2022. This was said during a security meeting that he held on Friday, December 31, 2021, in the company of the deputy provincial commissioner of police, in Murehe village in the Cankuzo commune, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Governor Banyiyezako reminded people that drunkenness and extra-marital relations are among the causes of destabilization of peace and security. He explained that all those misdeeds lead to poverty through the waste of the family economy and to different types of crimes.

Mr. Banyiyezako said that security begins at the household level, reason why he called on spouses to tighten it especially through mutual understanding and saving their income.

                                                                                                                          View of the meeting participants

For him, all should be characterized by honesty, pity, love and solidarity in the community.

He also called on the local administration to treat people under their responsibility on equal terms and to be aware of any problem that haunts the community.

Thus, the governor of Cankuzo province asked to get rid of any bad behavior but rather to adopt any strategy leading to sustainable development for the new year 2022. He wished them that the year be for them a year of goals and change to prosperity.

As for the issue of the lack of a bridge connecting Murehe village to Kavumu village, Governor Banyiyezako recommended to the communal officials of Cankuzo to build it as soon as possible.

Governor Banyiyezako took the opportunity to ask people to observe the measures taken to fight against Covid-19 as prescribed by the ministry responsible for public health.

He also called on people to subscribe massively to health insurance to have health insurance cards that will allow them to seek treatment.