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The Batwa families ask the government for arable land


Dec 23, 2021

CANKUZO December 23rd (ABP) – Batwa families living in Gatungurwe village, in Cankuzo commune and province (eastern Burundi), are asking the government for arable land to develop, a check by ABP revealed this in an interview they granted to him on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

Those Batwa say they are in poverty. A woman with 3 children spoke out saying she has nothing to eat at that time, regretting what she is going to do for the upcoming holiday season.

The Batwa contacted indicated that the main cause of that poverty is the lack of cultivable land, specifying that they lead a miserable life.

Moreover, they are convinced that having a cultivable land and a beautiful dwelling house are the bases of development. They also ask the government for food assistance to celebrate the end of the year celebrations and also ask it for land to be exploited, noting that the money used to buy food should be used for other development activities.