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The beneficiaries of PRODEFI II are called on to ensure the sustainability of its activities


Jan 3, 2022

GITEGA December 3rd (ABP) – The sustainability of the activities carried out in the communes of Giheta, Bugendana and Buraza, by PRODEFI II (Farming sector development project), was at the center of the discussions organized on December 30, 2021, by the office of the governor of the province of Gitega (center of the country), for the benefit of local administrative officials, veterinarians, agronomists and representatives of the beneficiaries of the project in the above-mentioned communes.

The chief of staff in the office of the governor of that province, Mr. Gérard Nibigira, congratulated the staff of the project in question for their contribution in improving the living conditions of the people in its field of action.

The project’s support consisted in the development of swamps to increase rice production, the consolidation of the community solidarity chain among the stockbreeders and the environmental protection, Mr. Nibigira specified.

                                                                                                                                 View of the participants

He recommended to the participants in the meeting to spare no effort to perpetuate the interventions of the project in those communes, while indicating to them that, whoever shies away from it will be punished.

Previously, the communal veterinarians had expressed their indignation, with regard to the people who received cows from the aforementioned project as part of the community solidarity chain, arguing that some of those people arrogated to themselves the right to sell them. This baseness took place in the Gaguhu village, in the Bugendana and Giheta communes.

In terms of agricultural development, the beneficiaries of the project do not maintain the drainage of the swamps. Thus, the beneficiaries of the project were urged to take ownership and fiercely maintain the works of which the project was concerned.

The participants in the discussions reassured that those shortcomings will be removed without delay, also promising that they will raise awareness on the sustainability of all the activities left to them by the project, arguing that anyone who will be tough in the application of the commitments, will be denounced to whom it may concern.

Note that PRODEFI closed its activities in December 2021, after six years of service.