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The President of the Republic urges Burundians not to resign themselves because God is with them


Dec 31, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 30th (ABP) – On the 2nd day of the national thanksgiving prayer crusade, the President of the Republic, Mr. Évariste Ndayishimiye, thanked the good Lord who saved our country and who helped Burundi overcome the difficult trials in which it was entangled. Thus, he called on the Burundians not to resign themselves even if they are neglected by the rest of the world. Rather, to know that Heaven is always kind to them.

The President of the Republic Évariste Ndayishimiye called on those present during that 2nd day of prayer crusade to banish hypocrisy like the Pharisees so that their exhortations are strengthened by their good deeds. He also called on the Burundians to advise each other and not destroy each other by backbiting.

During his teaching, Pastor Isidore Mbayahaga used the word of God taken from the Bible in the book of Proverbs 20,22 and Psalm 23, 4-5 among others. Based on those words, Isidore Mbayahaga developed the concept of not being afraid of anything because God is with us and is always there to help us.

                View of the participants in the prayer

So, he made it known that if God grants righteousness to someone, He gives them a new spirit. In addition to this, someone who is in the graces of God, inherits from Him a heart at peace despite being surrounded by pure evil. He also bestows blessings on them in their entourage.

For Isidore Mbayahaga, if God grants someone peace and blessings, nothing bad can happen to them even if they are going through difficult times.

He then called on the Burundians to be calm, to remain at God’s side by always believing in Him, and always drawing inspiration from His Word.

Pastor Isidore Mbayahaga ended his remarks by calling on Christians to respect the word of God and by continuing to pray relentlessly.