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A large number of teachers have been absent during refresher training


Dec 31, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 31st (ABP) – Teachers subject to the training on integration pedagogy organized by the provincial education directorate in Bujumbura province (western Burundi) for post-basic teachers stood out through their absence, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

Indeed, out of 928 candidates at the provincial level, 690 teachers were present while 238 were absent. At the commune level, the attendance was as follows: in Mugongomanga commune, 41 out of 84: Mutambu 65 out of 101; Kabezi 107 out of 128; Isare 120 out of 144; Mukike 49 out of 72; Nyabiraba 73 out of 94, Mubimbi 47 out 54; Mutimbuzi 86 out of 128 and Kanyosha 102 out of 123.

Asked about the reasons for those absences, the provincial director of education, Mr. Raphaël Ciza, indicated that he was informed that in Mugongomanga commune, absent teachers are bedridden because of Covid-19 and that for other communes the reasons are not known. For this last category, he promised to consult the labor code.

The objective of this refresher training was to build the capacity of new and old teachers on integration pedagogy, a new reform in the Burundi education system which dates back five years and which some teachers have not mastered until now while the pupils of the final classes are evaluated according to the integration situation method, the Provincial Director of Education said.

However, he continued to say, it was noticed during the accompanying visits of the teachers that some of them delivered the lessons in a masterful way, a methodology that is no longer in use, others skipped the dimensions (stages) of a situation of integration during the installation of resources (learning materials), he added.