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The Speaker of the National Assembly has joined the Christians of the Rock Church for the celebration of Christmas Day


Dec 27, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 27th (ABP) – At the celebration of Christmas Day, National Assembly Speaker Daniel Gélase Ndabirabe joined, on December 25, the Christians of the Rock Church.

In her teaching, Denise Nkurunziza, pastor at the Rock Church, made it known that it is good to be at the service of God by becoming His instrument for His work. She noted that in all countries, at some point, God puts before others the one He chooses to carry out His will. She enumerated the great figures written in the Bible whom God chose and sent to the world to do His own will.

For our country, she noted that God has great plans for Burundi. Thus, for Denise Nkurunziza, God’s plans cannot be implemented without people whom He himself puts forward to carry them out.

Invited to speak, the Speaker of the National Assembly supported the teachings of Denise Nkurunziza. Speaking about great people who are chosen by God to be at His service, he noted that the late President Pierre Nkurunziza was one of them. For him also, God has plans for Burundi, by healing the Burundians of the wounds caused by the unfortunate events that our country has known.

The Speaker of the National Assembly spoke in relation to some who criticize the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR). For him, the commission is not a political entity but rather a management unit in transitional justice. He noted that the work of the CVR is a plan of God, a plan that God does not allow to fail.

Asking and granting forgiveness, the concern to calm traumatized consciousness, Burundians, as advocated by the CVR, are part of God’s plan, the National Assembly Speaker revealed while pointing out that God will even take care of what is to be done in the future.

For Gélase Daniel Ndabirabe, no one can go against God’s plan or sabotage it, God will ensure that this does not happen. Daniel Gélase Ndabirabe ended his remarks by wishing the Christians of the Church a Merry Christmas. The ombudsman, the MPs, the representative of the mayor of the city of Bujumbura took part in the celebration of the Christmas Day at the Rock Church.