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The participation of the people in Covid-19 testing is satisfactory


Dec 24, 2021

KAYANZA December 24th (ABP) – The provincial doctor in Kayanza (northern Burundi), Dr Célestin Congera, commends the way in which the people respond massively to voluntary testing for Covid-19 while pointing out that the testing sites have multiplied to facilitate the task.

Nevertheless, he deplores the fact that some people tested positive for Covid-19 continue to circulate in the community without forgetting those who are absent from the appointment given to them to do the test, he told a check by ABP during an interview given to him on Thursday.

According to that health authority in Kayanza, nearly 600 people come daily to be tested for Covid-19 throughout the province.

With that in mind, he said, the testing sites have been multiplied, namely the testing sites installed at hospitals in the health districts of Kayanza, Musema and Gahombo.

To these are added the communal hospitals which, until now, function as health centers. Dr Congera, who specifies that many positive cases for Covid-19 are recorded from day to day, asks anyone who would be in contact with people who have tested positive for the said pandemic to confide in the testing sites to know the state of their health.

“We have a big challenge in relation to the follow-up of positive cases at home because we see some people who continue to circulate outside their homes, unfortunately unaware that they are contributing to the spread of coronavirus to the rest of the population”, he deplores. He adds that there are other cases tested positive who miss the control.

To all those irregularities, he asks to answer the given appointment and to avoid circulating in the community as long as the result is still positive.

To administrative managers, community health workers as well as health workers, he offers to help follow up positive cases at home, to convince and raise awareness so that people can confide in the testing sites for control.