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candidates for the final of the Miss Kayanza 2021 competition have been selected


Dec 24, 2021

KAYANZA December 24th (ABP) – The scout movement, through the Umuco group, organized on Wednesday the preselection activities of the candidates for the final of the competition called Miss Kayanza held annually on January 1 of each year. Ten young girls will participate in the final of that competition highlighting intelligence, culture and beauty, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

To be a candidate for the said competition, each girl should have completed post-basic education, be at least 1.60m tall and from Kayanza province. In total, 14 young girls came to answer oral questions asked only in French. Among them, four were eliminated for not having adequately met the previously required conditions.

In an interview with the press at the end of the preselection activity, the coordinator within the Umuco group, Mr. Rémy Nduwayo, stressed that this competition is organized with a view to promoting women’s education and raising awareness among girls to develop their projects for the benefit of the entire population of Kayanza.

He also said that the girls of Kayanza understand from year to year the importance of the Miss Kayanza competition and the proof being that many come to register to participate.

Asked about the added value that this competition brings for the Kayanza province, Mr. Nduwayo testified that once a girl is crowned Miss Kayanza, she implements projects aimed at promoting the development of that province.

He took the opportunity to thank the winner of that competition, 2021 edition, who tried to fully implement her project put forward by developing the tree seedlings nurseries that will be used as part of the national reforestation program – Ewe Burundi Urambaye.

Note that the competition called Miss Kayanza is in its eleventh edition and is organized on January 1 of each year.