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16 loincloths that have entered fraudulently from the DRC have been seized


Dec 22, 2021

CIBITOKE December 21st (ABP) – At the Nyamitanga barrier in Buganda commune of Cibitoke province, at least 16 fraudulent loincloths from the Democratic Republic of the Congo were seized on Sunday, December 19, 2021.

The four people apprehended were traveling with those uncleared goods, and they had tried to hide them.

The first batch seized consisted of 9 loincloths and belonged to a man by the name of Juvenal Nshimirimana, a native of Busiga in Ngozi province, and currently living in Gasenyi-Gihosha, Bujumbura City Council. He had wrapped those loincloths around his body, using the ropes, before putting on his clothes.

The 2nd batch composed of 7 loincloths, was in the luggage of three men, all living in the City of Bujumbura, but originating from Rango in Kayanza province for Ezéchiel Nyanana, Nestor Nemeyimana and Samuel Ndihokubwayo from Kiremba commune in Ngozi province.

All those three had crossed illegally the day before, coming from the Congo, by the locality of Rukana in Rugombo commune, according to well-informed sources.

The four traffickers are in the hands of a judicial police officer in Buganda, for investigation of the case. Recall that fraud is on the rise at the border of Cibitoke province with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, despite its closure following the Covid-19 pandemic.