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The FDN has partaken in increasing coffee production


Dec 20, 2021

KAYANZA December 20th (ABP) – The chief of staff of the national defense force honored with his presence the launching ceremonies of the growing campaign of 13,328 coffee trees in the military domain of the 321st infantry battalion based in the headquarters of Kayanza province (north). 75,000 coffee seedlings will be grown on that property spanning an area of ​​30 hectares, a check by ABP revealed.

In an interview given to journalists at the end of those coffee growing activities, the head of the national defense force, General Prime Niyongabo, indicated that this activity is part of the participation of the FDN in the increase in national production.

When asked why the choice of coffee crop, General Niyongabo explained that it is an industrial crop that generates foreign currency in the country and that the FDN will benefit a lot from the fact that the country spends a lot of foreign currency in search for military equipment.

The FDN will now have to use the currencies from its coffee trees, he says, adding that similar coffee growing activities are being carried out in other military camps such as the Rango, Cankuzo and Bibare in Karusi province, he added.

It was reported that executives of the national defense force and the units of the 2nd and 3rd military divisions were also present at those activities.