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Young girls are satisfied with the improvement in their living conditions thanks to the jobs they do


Dec 16, 2021

NGOZI December 16th (ABP) – Young girls from the communes of Marangara, Tangara and Kiremba who interrupted their studies and who work in sewing, embroidery and hairdressing say they are very satisfied with the improvement in their living conditions thanks to those trades. These are 75 young girls from Tangara, Kiremba and Marangara communes who were taken in by the Icirore c’Amahoro Association. They all failed the national competition. Capitoline Niyonzima, one of the beneficiaries of that program in Kiremba commune, said that all those girls were unqualified and did not have the capital to start a business. Even their parents had started to worry about their fate.

Capitoline Niyonzima says that the Icirore c’Amahoro association brought them together to train them. Then they received a starter kit consisting of sewing machines, threads, fabrics, styling (hair-dressing) machines, generators, and so on. Miss Capitoline Niyonzima affirms that they have acquired a reputation for themselves in their respective communes and that customers are flocking to them. They easily manage to take care of themselves and their families. Emérencienne Nduwimana, legal representative of the Icirore c’Amahoro association, says she is very satisfied with the step taken by those young girls.

She asks other girls who did not continue their studies to like the job because it is as important as a diploma.