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The silvicultural year has been opened in Gahombo commune


Dec 15, 2021

KAYANZA December 15th (ABP) – The communal administrator of Gahombo, Mr. Sylvestre Ntunzwenayo, opened last week, the silvicultural year 2021-2022. The related activities took place on the Bigugo hill, precisely in a communal afforestation where more than 5,000 eucalyptus plants were transplanted, a check by ABP revealed.

According to Mr. Ntunzwenayo, more than 200,000 eucalyptus plants will be planted in communal areas and on Mount Mukinya, which straddles the communes of Gahombo and Ngozi respectively of Kayanza and Ngozi provinces.

As for agroforestry tree seedlings, he indicated that more than 100,000 Grevillea and red cedar seedlings will be distributed to the people to be transplanted at home.

The wish of the administrative authority in Gahombo is that at the end of this silvicultural campaign, any household would have already planted at least one tree on their property. With this in mind, Mr. Ntunzwenayo called on his people to take care of the trees transplanted in previous years and those being planted with a view to the effective implementation of the national reforestation program called “Ewe Burundi Urambaye”.

Apart from the environment sector, he asked the people to continue to maintain peace and tighten security, and to scrupulously respect the barrier measures taken against the coronavirus, especially since this pandemic is still being reported around the world without sparing Burundi.