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Student and out-of-school youth must take the lead in protecting the environment


Dec 14, 2021

MAKAMBA December 14th (ABP) – National Roots and Shoots Coordinator David Ninteretse calls on all stratums of the population to love and protect the environment. He made that appeal on Saturday, December 11 at Nyabutare after the afforestation of 2000 Cassia siamea plants on Nyabutare hill and along the Mabanda-Nyanza-Lac Road from the border of Nyanza-Lac and Mabanda commune.

In environmental protection activities, student and out-of-school youth must take the lead because they are the Burundi of today and tomorrow.

The national coordinator of Roots and Shoots, David Ninteretse, indicated that in Nyanza-Lac the species of Cassia siamea is planted because it is resistant to termites which often destroy the trees of other species planted in Nyanza-Lac. He finally indicated that Roots and Shoots will continue its campaign in different provinces where it has set up nurseries. Over 2000 Cassia siamea plants have been planted.