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The activities of the 16-day campaign of activism against violence to women have ended in Kayanza and Bururi provinces


Dec 14, 2021

KAYANZA/ BURURI December 14th (ABP) – Ceremonies relating to the 16-day campaign of activism against violence to women ended on Friday, December 10 in Kayanza and Bururi provinces.

In Kayanza province (north), the ceremonies took place in Matongo commune and were honored with the presence of various administrative authorities of the province, a check on the site by ABP has revealed.

The communal administrator of Matongo, Mrs. Alice Nsabiyumva, said that cases of sexual violence are often committed against young girls in that commune. In turn, the provincial representative of the women’s forum, Mrs. Théodosie Karikurubu, specified that during the year 2020, 887 women were victims of violence of different forms while the men victims amounted to around 171. She added that once apprehended, the perpetrators of GBV are brought to justice and that the judiciary convicts them as soon as possible.

On that occasion, Mrs. Karikurubu asked to avoid any form of amicable settlement between the perpetrator and the victim of GBV, but rather to denounce the perpetrators and entrust the victims of GBV to the various healthcare centers.

The governor of the province, Mr. Rémy Cishahayo, also affirmed that cases of gender-based violence are a reality. He deplores the fact that some women civil servants do not have the right to manage their wage. Mr. Cishahayo also lambasted the attitude of some women who underestimate their husbands under the pretext of being rich. To all those two categories, he asked to pull themselves together and to live in symbiosis especially in the management of the family patrimony. The provincial governor thanked the judiciary for the step taken in terms of sentencing the perpetrators of GBV and asked them to continue in the same vein to avoid the complaints of the victims of GBV. He recommended to women and girls not to hide the violence committed and their perpetrators, and to team up in associations or cooperatives in order to self-develop, stressing that it is vulnerable women and girls who are often victims of GBV.

In Bururi province, the closure of those activities was an opportunity to put together the observations made in the area of ​​GBV. In general, the situation has improved compared to previous years thanks to the combined efforts of all actors, said the chief of staff in the office of the governor, Mr. Juvent Ndayikeza. He asked the communal administrators who are new in their functions to invest themselves effectively to take another step. Mr. Ndayikeza said that the most frequent violence in that province was linked to the mismanagement of family assets where all family assets are managed only by men. Those cases of violence are located in hard-to-reach milieus.