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Bagumyabanga State officials and Natives of Cankunzo are committed to helping build the party’s provincial head office


Dec 14, 2021

CANKUNZO December 14th (ABP) – State officials affiliated with the CNDD-FDD party in Cankuzo province have pledged to help build the party’s provincial office.

It was said during the tree stumping work organized on Saturday December 11, in a plot located on the Cankuzo hill where that head office will be erected, a check by ABP revealed.

During that work, which saw the participation of members of the ruling party, natives of Cankuzo exercising their functions in different provinces of the country, the trees were stumped where this office will be built.

In his speech, the secretary of the ruling party in Cankuzo province, Mr. Révérien Ndugi, indicated that this work was organized with the aim of taking the step forward by the combination of collective efforts for the start of construction of the party’s office, which is an initiative of honor for him.

To that end, he invited every Mugumyabanga and party friends to give their contributions.

The day was an opportunity to make a commitment for everyone to contribute to the construction of that multi-storey building which will start early 2022.

As a result, the participants pledged to contribute more than 18 million Burundi francs, 10 truck bens of rubble and 10 bags of cement.

Mr. Révérien Ndugi thanked them for that initiative and called on those responsible for construction activities to ensure the good management of the materials that will be available because, he explained, the party’s head office will be the good of all the Bagumyabanga.