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A training of trainers on inclusive education has ended


Dec 13, 2021

BUJUMBURA December 13th (ABP) – The Teacher’s College – ENS –, in collaboration with the UNESCO National Commission (CNU), closed, on Friday December 10, 2021, a training of trainers and the inclusion of new students in higher education.

According to Brother Jean de Dieu Ngiye, expert trainer, who provided part of the training, the training gave the basic principles for the care of children with Cerebral Motricity (IMC). For him, those children do not suffer from lack of intelligence, hence schooling is possible.

Domitien Ndayirukiye, professor at ENS and member of the steering committee, noted that this institution was chosen as a pilot higher education institution in inclusive education.

He indicated that this training has a double objective for the teachers of the ENS. On the one hand, it is to train future teachers in basic schools in the country for inclusive education. On the other hand, it is so that they themselves can be equipped, for an inclusive management of IMC, within classes.

                                                                                                                                                                                 View of teachers of ENS and IPA

Mr. Ndayirukiye noted that training support measures have been planned. In this regard, he pointed out that at the ENS, there are plans to build sanitary facilities and stairs for those people with specific needs.

He noted that in the training offers at the ENS, next academic year, they will include inclusive education, adding that it is planned to train in the future, even administrative staff, who are in permanent contact with students with special needs

That training, which would have lasted 2 weeks, was subdivided into 3 courses, namely: training in sign language, on braille writing and on the management of IMCs.

Note that 75 teachers have been trained, including 72 from ENS and 3 from the Applied Pedagogy Institute (IPA).