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The local Red Cross office in Rumonge has celebrated the International Day of Volunteering


Dec 10, 2021

RUMONGE December 6th (ABP) – The local office of the Burundi Red Cross in Rumonge celebrated, on Friday, December 3, the International Day of Volunteering.

Ceremonies marking the day began with a visit to a house built by Red Cross volunteers from Mutambara village for a vulnerable widow from the same village.

That day was also an opportunity to inaugurate the building of the provincial office of the red cross in Rumonge, built in Mutambara village where the actual ceremonies took place.

The delegate of the secretary general of the Burundi Red Cross, Gilbert Nshimirimana indicated that assistance activities are starting at the neighborhood level.

The neighbors are the only ones, who can see the incident that occurs immediately, he added.

For him, the 19,000 volunteers in the Red Cross of Rumonge are not enough to assist the vulnerable threatened. He invited the members of this community in Rumonge province to mobilize a large number of volunteers.

The head of the Red Cross in Rumonge, Mr. Claver Ninganza said that the Red Cross branch in Rumonge carried out many activities, including assistance to victims of the rising waters of Lake Tanganyika by granting them food and non-food.

For the socio-cultural council of the governor, Mrs. Anne Marie Nicizanye, the assistance activities carried out by the red cross are to be saluted. She called on other organizations working in Rumonge province to follow the good example of the Red Cross in Rumonge.