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The BPEAE staff and partners in that sector are called on to work for increased production


Dec 1, 2021

BUBANZA November 30th (ABP) – The staff of the Provincial Office for the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE) and partners in this sector are called upon to each properly fulfill their role in increasing the production, this was revealed on Wednesday November 24 in the meeting of the authorities of BPEAE Bubanza and the sectorial group Agriculture and rural development (GSADER).

BPEAE Bubanza data shows that during cropping season C, on the 3236-hectare fields of the cooperatives, only 504 hectares were exploited. For private fields, out of 666.5 hectares that were planned, 412 have been developed. In particular, they cultivated maize, beans, cassava, soybeans and rice.

Some farmers in Bubanza province seek financing and modernization of the sector

agricultural, as well as sufficient production and timely availability of fertilizers.

The provincial governor, Mr. Cleophas Nizigiyimana, calls on all those concerned by the agro-pastoral sector as well as the partners in that sector to give themselves body and soul to increase production.