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Two terrorist groups that attacked Burundi have been apprehended


Nov 19, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 18th (ABP) – Police have apprehended two terrorist groups that have attacked Burundi since August 20, 2020, the spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, Community Development and Security said on Tuesday (November 16). public, Mr. Pierre Nkurikiye, in a press release.

Mr. Nkurikiye said that Burundi has experienced an incursion of terrorist groups led by Alex Sinduhije. They have come from the Democratic Republic of Congo since August 20, 2020, he said, noting that the first group of terrorists entered through Rumonge province.

They committed many crimes, including assassinations in the towns of Gahuni, Mwari and Muramvya. That group is made up of 19 people who were surrendered by Rwanda on July 30 of this year. They will be brought to justice to be punished according to the law, he added.

As for another terrorist group that had the special mission of ambushing, spokesman Nkurikiye pointed out that this one is made up of four people. The latter carried out eight attacks from January until September 2021, in various localities of the country, in particular on the RN2 and RN7 roads where they also murdered many people and injured others.

Mr. Pierre Nkurikiye, for that purpose, testified that Burundi has a very professional investigation service because the results of the investigation provided details on the individuals, their motives, the movements as well as the tools they have used.

He affirmed that the investigations will continue to identify all the people who helped those terrorists by facilitating them in their movements.