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Demolished classrooms and crops damaged by torrential rain


Nov 19, 2021

BUJUMBURA November 18th (ABP) – The administrators of Mukike and Mutambu communes, Mr. Frédéric Manirakiza and Jean Pierre Niyongabo, announced that the return of the rains is accompanied by climatic hazards which damage crops and demolish classrooms.

In fact, a torrential rain that fell on Monday evening in the town of Muzi in Mukike commune washed away the roofs of three classrooms at Muzi basic school, reported the administrator of this commune.

In Mutambu commune, on the border with Mukike, heavy rain mixed with wind caused a lot of damage, according to the administrator of this commune who indicated that the roof of three classrooms was blown away by the wind. Mukonko Basic school and more than 15 residential houses were demolished by the same wind, damaged maize and banana crops. The same source added that the people who no longer know which saint to turn to needs assistance.