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The beneficiaries of hybrid maize seeds and inputs granted by the PRDAIGL testify to their satisfaction


Nov 8, 2021

CIBITOKE November 8th (ABP) – The beneficiaries of hybrid maize seeds and inputs granted by the Regional Project for Integrated Agricultural Development in the Great Lakes (PRDAIGL), in the communes of Buganda and Rugombo in Cibitoke province, testify to their satisfaction. These are small farmers from 14 villages, namely six villages from Buganda commune and eight from Rugombo, exploiting up to 0.5 hectares of land, according to information from PRDAIGL. Those villages supported in Buganda commune are, Nyamitanga, Ndava-village, Kansega, Kaburantwa, Gasenyi-rural and Murambi while in Rugombo commune the beneficiaries of that support are villages of Mpararambo II, Munyika I, Kagazi, Rusiga, Ruvumera, Rusororo, Kiramira I and Kiramira II according to the same source.

                                                                                                                                   Bags of inputs granted by PRDAIGL

In those supports, those who are supported for the first time, they benefit from 100% of the hybrid maize seeds and inputs they need. Those who are supported for the second year receive half of the seeds and inputs they need while those who benefit from the support for the third time, are entitled to 20% of those seeds and inputs for the growing season A 2021- 2022. In those supports, the proportions of the quantities granted are already known and are 30 kilograms of hybrid maize seeds per hectare, against 150 kilos of FOMI inputs called Imbura and 75 kilograms of inputs known as Totahaza. Note that the beneficiaries of that variety of maize seeds recognize its good production under normal conditions, but only fear for the lack of rain, in certain localities of those two communes.