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Torrential rain mixed with strong winds have destroyed eight classrooms


Oct 7, 2021

BUBANZA October 7th (ABP) – About eight classrooms in two schools in Mpanda commune in Bubanza province (north-western Burundi) were destroyed by torrential rains mixed with strong winds that fell on Sunday October 3 on that commune, according to the Provincial Directorate of Education (DPE).

According to that source, four classrooms are from Nyarurambi Basic School in which 182 pupils studied and four others are from Masha Communal High School where 78 pupils studied,

as well as the kitchen for the school canteen.

The authorities of those schools, in collaboration with the religious denominations of the locality, have sought where to accommodate those pupils while awaiting the rehabilitation of those infrastructures, specified the same source.

The Provincial Director of Education, Mr. Claude Badugaritse, requested the help of high authorities and provincial development partners so that those pupils are not destabilized in their studies.