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Gladiators and Urunani teams crowned champions at the FEBABU Super Cup


Oct 7, 2021

BUJUMBURA October 6th (ABP) – The Burundi Basketball Federation (FEBABU) organized during the weekend, in the city of Bujumbura, the semi-finals and the final of the super cup in basketball, the Sports Department has revealed that.

Saturday, October 2 was devoted to the semi-finals.

On the women’s side, the Black Eagle team crossed swords with the Gladiators. The latter, who beat Black Eagle thanks to the experience of its players, with a heavy score of 74 points to 27, thus won the ticket for the final.

The second game was between the Gazelles and the Young Sisters. The Gazelles, champions of the end of the holiday tournament last weekend, crushed the sisters by a score of 60 points to 49 of the Gazelles.

On the men’s side, the first meeting was between Urunani and Kern. That match was played without liveliness as usual at Urunani, and Kern struggled from the start of the match to the end but failed to win against Urunani who won the match with a slight score of 57 points to 47.

The second game was between New Star and Dynamo who hoped to beat New Star to find Urunani, their traditional rival, and to retaliate against the loss suffered in the semifinals last weekend in the end of the holiday tournament against Urunani. But New Star dominated the game from start to finish, literally crushing Dynamo 88 points to 69.

Sunday in the final, the Gladiators were grappling with the Gazelles, two equally traditional rivals. It was an opportunity for the Gladiators to take revenge against the Gazelles who had inflicted a defeat in the final last weekend. The Gladiators thus dominated the game from start to finish, claiming a victory with a score 76 points to 51 from the Gazelles.

The highly anticipated match was the one between Urunani and New Star. The latter team had sworn revenge against Urunani who had inflicted a defeat in the final last weekend. Nonetheless, New Star lost to the two-time champions Urunani by 64 points to 50.

The Urunani and Gladiators were crowned champions of the Super Cup tournament. Urunani thus won another trophy, after the one won last week with the Gazelles during the holiday closing tournament.