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About 22 new children from vulnerable families will be assisted by Hope Worldwide Burundi


Oct 7, 2021

BUJUMBURA October 6th (ABP) – Around 22 new children from vulnerable families will be assisted by Hope Worldwide Burundi during the 2021-2021 school year, we learned on Tuesday from the national coordinator of Hope Worldwide Burundi, Mr. Serges Gahungu.

The 22 children, welcomed in September 2021, are added to 160 pupils, including 50 from the Basic School and 110 from the post-basic who were assisted by that Burundian civil society organization engaged in the field of children.

Hope Worldwide helps educate vulnerable children, most of whom are orphans. His intervention covers, among other things, school fees, school materials, school uniforms and medical assistance. In addition, at the beginning of each month, each

child is entitled to 5 kilos of beans, 5 kilos of rice, 4 kilos of corn flour and soap. That organization also provides young girls with sanitary napkins whenever needed.

Thus, Hope Worldwide directly assists 50 children of the first three cycles of fundamental and 110 of the 4th fundamental cycle and post-fundamental. In addition, she assists eight students enrolled in higher education.

According to Mr. Gahungu, more than 150 children receiving assistance from Hope Worldwide have already been certified or graduated, while six others have already completed their university studies. In September 2021, at the start of the 2021-2022 school year, Hope Worldwide provided vulnerable children with a kit of school materials worth BIF 15 million.

Note that interventions in favor of those vulnerable children fall within the framework of the “Burundi kids” program which started in 2008 with 18 orphan children from the Bujumbura city.