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The provincial governor’s office has seized more than 1000 liters of fuel


Sep 26, 2021

GITEGA September 24th (ABP) – Governor Advisor Gitega (Country Center) in charge of Development), Mr. Serges Sabukunze, in collaboration with the people of the urban center of Gitega, seized in the morning of Thursday September 23, 2021, 1.136 liters of gasoline, at the Bupp service station of Masanganzira.

At the media, Mr. Sabukunze indicated that this fuel was transferred to cans by the manager of the said station, stating that he was serving the fuel in cans, with an exorbitant price per liter.

Unfortunately, he deplored, he took off to escape from being apprehended by the police.

Mr. Sabukunze warned the holders of the service stations that would be animated by the wandering spirit, asking them to fight with this illicit trade so as not to explain to sanctions.

He thanked the people who informed him about that speculation, before asking everyone to watch over all the irregularities that engage in fuel trade.

That seizure arrived at the moment when the fuel scarcity is observed in Gitega’s service stations, since the past week. It caused the cost of that petroleum product by speculators who placed it at an oscillating cost between 4500 to 5000 BIF the liter, instead of 2450 BIF.

Vehicle owners welcomed the provincial governor’s office initiative and encouraged it to go forward.

Note that the fuel seized will be used for public interest purposes, according to the Governor of Governor of Gitega on development.