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Young people from Bubanza province develop thanks to chalk making


Sep 9, 2021

BUBANZA September 8th (ABP) – The unemployed young people of Bubanza province have joined together in the Cooperative of young people in solidarity and dynamics for development (CJSDD), since February 18, 2021, to make chalk in order to fight against unemployment.

Those young people number 17 with a start-up capital of 8,500,000 Burundian francs. With that amount, those young people imported from abroad the raw materials needed in the manufacture of those chalks.

Those young people are currently reaching a satisfactory level but are experiencing some difficulties such as the lack of good market for their products, some managers tending to lower the price of their products each time, as well as the lack of adequate materials.

Despite those challenges, the CJSDD members call on other young people to no longer hang out in the streets but rather to follow in the footsteps of others who have been able to organize themselves to create income-generating activities.

In addition, those young people appeal to the state to encourage them by visiting them on the ground. They also want favorable land to be granted and an additional amount to increase the capital.

They are also calling for them to secure overseas capacity building so that chalk currently imported from overseas can be made domestically.