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The local association “AASEV-Ndinkabandi” is committed to the rescue of orphans


Aug 31, 2021

RUTANA August 31st (ABP) – Around 470 orphans in 10 provinces will benefit from help with school materials from the Association for Social Assistance for Vulnerable Children (AASEV) -Ndinkabandi.

That was announced on Saturday August 28 in Makakwe, in Musongati commune of Rutana province (south-eastern Burundi) by the leader of that association, Mr. Déo Busago, during the official launch of that distribution activity for that aid to moment when the ceremonies celebrating the fifth anniversary of the accreditation of that association were taking place.

The ceremonies took place in Makakwe, at the headquarters of that association, where all the provincial representatives of the association were gathered and where animation groups had met to liven up the celebration.

By way of launching that activity of distributing that aid, the leader of the association gave notebooks and pencils to a few children and other vulnerable people. He asked the provincial representatives to go do the same to their homes and ensure that this distribution activity is completed before the end of the week and that the related reports be submitted to him by September 3.

That help comes from the combined efforts of the members of the association, he said, noting that he was himself an orphan at a very young age but that he was lucky to have benefactors who helped him and sent to school. It was for that reason, he said, that he followed suit in helping the other orphans.

According to the “AASEV-Ndinkabandi” leader, the celebration of the fifth anniversary of the association’s accreditation is an opportunity to take a retrospective look to assess the step taken, the current state of affairs and the prospects for to come up.

Taking stock of the achievements, Mr. Busago said that the association has always provided help with school materials. She also cared about the health of those children by granting them health cards and paying hospital fees for others.

Aware that good health comes from food, the “AASEV-Ndinkabandi” association teaches good agricultural practices and the use of selected seeds, underlined Mr. Busago, adding that it is with a view to increasing production that piglets were distributed to vulnerable for manure.

The representative of the communal administrator of Musongati in those ceremonies, for his part, indicated that the achievements of that association are clearly visible. He said that out of the 400 associations that are in the commune, none carries out as many activities in the villages as “ASSEV-Ndinkabandi”.

He promised the administration’s support for the mobilization of the people and encouraged the members of the association to use all their efforts so that the health center under construction at the headquarters of the association, in Makakwe village, should be completed with the month of September in order to alleviate the burden of the people of the place and the surroundings who must travel long distances to go for treatment either in Musongati, Ngoma or Kibuye.