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Clay is a raw material of many products


Aug 31, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 31st (ABP) – Burundi Bricks Company (BBCOM) transforms clay lands into construction materials, in that case the perforated brick and pans, a check by ABP revealed this during the industrial show organized Friday the 27 August 2021, in Bujumbura, by the Association of Industrialists of Burundi (AIB).

The manager of that company, Mr. Pascal Irivuzimana, said that from the clay, BBCOM was able to manufacture bricks of different kinds, including the low bond brick and the brick Low Rock Bond for the construction of the walls apparent to maximize thermal and acoustic insulation of the house. There is also the block for the rapid construction of walls, the tiles for floors recovery, refractory bricks for the construction of incinerators, homes and bread ovens.

From that same raw material, the company BBCOM manufactures pans made of clay that can keep heat thanks to their lids. Those pans can keep foods warm inside for a long time and do not have any effect on human health compared to other iron-made cooking utensils.

According to Mr. Irivuzimana, from the clay, they can make many things including tiles, cooking utensils, toilets, urinals that Burundi imports with currencies.

He took that opportunity to invite Burundians to take initiatives, research and see possibilities of import substitutions by locally manufactured products, especially since, he explained, the raw material is available on the Burundian soil.

The BBCOM manager also invited Burundians to change mentality while having in mind that they are capable. He also urges Burundians to get used to consuming “Made in Burundi” products and having the courage to put together in developing development projects.

The BBCOM company evolves towards success because, according to its manager, his clay products are appreciated by the customers. Note that this company is located in Muramvya, in Mutimbuzi commune, Bujumbura Province.