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The Head of State calls on Burundians to use irrigation during the dry season to increase production


Aug 31, 2021

KAYANZA August 31st (ABP) – The President of the Republic of Burundi, Evariste Ndayishimiye, paid a visit to various agro-pastoral activities carried out by the Munanira branch in Muruta commune from Kayanza Province (North), a check on the site by ABP has disclosed.

President Ndayishimiye began his activities in commune Muruta precisely at Kavoga village.

The Head of State paid a visit to the potato model field, Kijumbu variety, subject to permanent hole irrigation and associated with a cattle barn.

He also paid a visit to the new Church of the Catholic branch of Munanira built by the Christians of the locality, up to 60,000,000 BIF, as well as a storage shed containing seven tons of wheat harvested on 4 hectares and 40 tons of Seeds of potatoes, all that heritage owned by Rwegura parish.

President Ndayishimiye said he was satisfied with the achievements of that community, especially as they are part of the government’s policy that encourages Burundians to use irrigation during the dry season to increase production.

In general, President Ndayishimiye commended the role of the Catholic Church in the economic growth of Burundi. He encouraged the christians of that branch to continue on the same momentum and import agro-pastoral techniques into their households. He recalled that Burundians have an obligation to exploit the land to live and make theirs live.

He warned that this exploitation should not be done in any case in anarchy. He pointed out that the floor should be preserved so that it continues to produce.

That is how he invited to trace level curves to counter erosion. ” The government’s objective is that soon no drop of rainwater leaves the village to finish its run in a river, “insisted President Ndayishimiye.

He also addressed the subject of reforestation where he arrested farmers to plant agroforest trees and fixture herbs on the contour lines.