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Young unemployed in Cankuzo province are ready to contract loans with BIJE


Aug 26, 2021

CANKUZO August 26th (ABP) – Some young people from Cankuzo province (eastern Burundi) in search of employment, who are united in association-cooperatives, have already opened accounts at the Youth Bank for Investment (BIJE) in order to contract loans, they told a check by ABP.

These young people say that they have been trained in planning their development projects that will allow them to access loan from BIJE.

However, those young people plead for the decentralization of BIJE services because, they point out, moving Cankuzo-Gitega vice versa causes enormous expenses.

As an example, one of those young people said that the cooperative association based on Mishiha village (on the border with Tanzania) in which he is affiliated has already spent 400,000 BIF for three of its members who went to at the BIJE, including 90,000 BIF for a return ticket.

The members of that cooperative association let it be known that they will not have a profit even though they have already contracted debts with individuals even before receiving those loans.

For his part, the adviser to the provincial governor in charge of development, Mr. Ferdinand Birahanyi, points out that the province helps unemployed young people through the cooperatives, to prepare to meet the requirements.

According to the adviser to the governor in charge of development, 78 associations-cooperatives have already registered to be eligible for loan with that bank. He also asks that the bank open its branches at the provincial level to get closer to the applicants for its services.