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The employees of “Dukore Twitezimbere” company are satisfied to perform


Aug 18, 2021

KAYANZA August 18th (ABP) – Economic operators should come together to set up companies or businesses, which would lead to job creation for young people and the development of the country.

These are the suggestions of the employees of the company called “Dukore Twitezimbere” operating in Muruta commune in Kayanza province (northern Burundi), a company that manufactures banana-based drinks, a check by ABP has revealed this ABP during an interview given to him by some employees of that company.

The representative of the company “Dukore Twitezimbere”, Mr. Sylvestre Nduwimana

The company “Dukore Twitezimbere” currently has around 100 employees. Some of the latter testify that thanks to this company, they were able to buy plots of land and domestic animals.

Others have told a check by ABP that they have been able to build houses for themselves. The same employees let it be known that apart from

the regular monthly salary, they benefit from other benefits such as access to health care and insurance.

To do that, they ask other economic operators to come together to set up businesses or companies, which, according to the same sources, will allow young people to find jobs. This will also help reduce youth unemployment and promote the development of the country through the payment of taxes.

For his part, the representative of the company “Dukore Twitezimbere”, Mr. Sylvestre Nduwimana, alias Pongo, specifies that this company, which had only about twenty employees when it opened its activities, now has nearly a hundred employees.

He thus calls on other businessmen to organize themselves to set up businesses or companies to create jobs.

Note that the company “Dukore Twitezimbere” pays an annual tax of 12,000,000 BIF, in addition to consumption taxes.