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Threat of ulcerative wounds in preschool and school children in Kiganda health district


Aug 13, 2021

MURAMVYA August 13th (ABP) – That disease, described as ulcerative sores that attack the lower limbs of children of school and preschool age, has appeared since the past school year in the health district of Kiganda made up of the communes of Kiganda, Mbuye and Rutegama de la Muramvya province (center-west of the country).

In agreement with the various school administrations in the three communes of the health district of Kiganda, the numbers of cases of ulcerative wounds collected last June are worrying according to the chief medical officer of the health district. As for what is being done, the chief medical officer of the health district of Kiganda tells us about free care with the help of the ministry having health in its attributions, UNICEF, World Vision and the foundation STAM in the campaign started on July 26 and ended on August 26.

He also speaks of the community mobilization campaign jointly with the STAM foundation in the three communes of the district in order to sensitize the local administrative officials, the religious leaders, the holders of the health centers and the technicians for the promotion of health to be able to combine their efforts in order to mobilize the population household by household so that parents accompany their sick children to the sites for treatment because cases have revealed that children refuse to be treated because during local care they feel pain in the wounds, hence the need for support.

Regarding the patients who go to the witch doctors or to the prayer rooms supposedly that the latter can heal their wounds, Dr. Samuel Manirambona winks by saying that only the drugs which are available in the structures of care heal ulcerative wounds.

Note that those community mobilization workshops are opened by the medical director of the provincial health office who takes that time to talk about the barrier measures against the Covid-19 on the rise in the province.