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The inter-village championship at the Bukeye stadium has ended


Aug 11, 2021

MURAMVYA August 11th (ABP) – The football championship and cultural animation groups was launched on March 27 by the administrator of Bukeye commune, Mr. Euphraim Ndikumasabo.

In total, the 18 villages that make up the commune were represented with a round ball, while 15 animation groups were able to be present, under the direction of the respective village leaders.

Some 39 matches were played by around 400 players while more than 100 spectators attended the various matches, according to the communal administrator who organized the tournament. He said so after the final of the match between Busangana FC and Rweteto FC, which was won by Rweteto FC with a score of two goals to zero.

The main object of that championship is to strengthen peace and security in the villages with the help of games and entertainment, insisted Mr. Ndikumasabo. Following the organization of those inter-village matches, 12 village teams bought jerseys and boots worth more than twenty million Burundian francs.

Challenges related to the lack of football fields, outfits and balls were observed during the competition, according to the administrator of Bukeye commune.

The socio-cultural advisor to the governor of Muramvya, Mr. Bernard Barahinyuza, on behalf of the governor, positively appreciated that sporting activity that the administrator Ndikumasabo well organized in favor of his people.

As for the native senator of Busangana village, Mr. Victor Girukwishaka, he indicated that the people of Bukeye is very fond of games, especially football. He called on those people to strengthen peace and security because, according to him, without peace and security, sport cannot have a place. Mr. Girukwishaka asked them to always support the efforts of the communal administrator and other elected representatives of the people, at all levels, so that Bukeye commune is a light for Muramvya province and the country in general.

Note that various cups and prizes were awarded to the best winners, as well as certificates of honor for the family of the late Emmanuel Nimbeshaho who cultivated the love of football in Bukeye and Pierre Claver Hakizimana as one of the best veterans.