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Uvula and epiglottis diseases do not exist, according to Dr. Leonard Bivahagumye


Aug 16, 2021

BUJUMBURA August 16th (ABP) – The Uvula disease (Ikirimi) and epiglottis disease (Ikirato) do not exist, only there are uvula and epiglottis, said Dr. Leonard Bivahagumye, doctor specialist in ENT and cervico-facial surgery in an interview that he has granted on Thursday 12 August 2021 at a check by ABP. He said the uvula and epiglottis are the body parts of the throat that children and adults have in common and who are in most cases subject to infectious diseases called in Kirundi Ikirimi and Ikirato. He added that the ugly and the epiglottis are really not the first target of these diseases. He explained that the reluctant is a small appendix which is in the middle of the veil of the palace, in the middle of the throat. He pointed out that when the traditional practitioners cut the ugly, it is not a treatment, they cut her to the one who has an inflammation of the throat.

Dr. Bivahagumye also meant that the epiglottis is a small organ that is behind the tongue, so a small tongue that is common to all humans and is not visible at everyone. When looking behind the tongue and we see this tongue, the charlatans will shout that it is an anomaly while it is normal to have an epiglottis. She can also be subject to inflammation, he emphasized.

With regard to the role of each of the two parts of the body, Dr. Bivahagumye indicated that the reluctant is a median extension of the veil of the palace whose essential role is to protect during the deglutition.

When we swallow the food, the sail of the palace will apply on the posterior wall of the pharynx and thereby the food will not go back by the nostrils, so no leakage. The reluctant also modules the voice. In some people who were too aggressive to cut the uvula, they will find that the voice is twanged.

As for the epiglottis, which is a small tongue-shaped cartilage that is behind the tongue, it is an organ that protects the respiratory tract during deglutition.

When we swallow saliva or food, the base of the language will repel the epiglottal backwards and that tongue will turn around and cover the entrance of the trachea’s respiratory tract and it will avoid false roads (Gukorwa in Kirundi).

The ENT specialist doctor has also reported that all parts of the body may be with diseases but the uvula and epiglottis are rarely reached diseases.

The part affected by diseases, infections or inflammations is the throat on both sides of the uvula called palatal tonsils, and these organs are the target of infections.

When one has angina or inflammation of pharynx, tonsils can sometimes be extended and achieving the vitality.

Same, one can have epiglottis, inflammation or epiglottis infections especially in children but it is extremely rare.

What is noticed, according to Bivahagumye, all those people who will cut the uvula or epiglottis in the charlatans, it is never because of an attack of that part of the body but rather an attack of the tonsils and of other parts of the pharynx.

For people who still believe that those diseases exist, the doctor states that uvula and epiglottis diseases do not exist, only the uvula and epiglottis exist and are organs that have an important role. Going them cut would be at the origin of different evils.