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The provincial authority calls for the safeguarding of security and the respect of the payment of communal taxes and levies


Aug 13, 2021

RUYIGI August 13th (ABP) – The governor of Ruyigi province (eastern Burundi), Mrs. Emérencienne Tabu, positively appreciates the step taken in the areas of security and the collection of taxes in the communes.

She fears, however, that certain behaviors adopted by the people during this period of summer could be a source of insecurity if the joint security committees and the quadrilogy lower their vigilance. During a meeting held on Tuesday for communal accountants, communal commissioners, communal administrators, as well as chairmen of communal councils, Mrs. Tabu insisted on safeguarding peace and security, and paying taxes and levies.

According to the governor of Ruyigi, the changes made at the level of the communal bodies in charge of collecting taxes and levies have had very positive consequences in all the seven communes of his province. That authority also indicated that municipal revenues have increased significantly, and that now all tax collectors are carefully supervised and closely monitored so that municipal revenues and finances continue to increase. She, however, deplored the existence of illegal crossings on the Burundi-Tanzanian border and the fraud of goods that takes place there.

In addition, Mrs. Tabu fears the spread of Covid-19 by those who cross the border illegally and who have already contracted this disease.

Accidents for speeding or drunk driving cars and motorcyclists persist in Ruyigi and must now be sanctioned to permanently discourage recalcitrant and offenders, the provincial governor said. Other cases of arson of houses and state property are on the villages; it has been reported.

Governor Tabu therefore urges the Joint Security Committees and the Quadrilogy to never let their guard down, to stay alert and to share information in good time. They must also remain available whenever needed, each in their area of ​​intervention.