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Administrative officials at the school of public service management


Aug 13, 2021

GITEGA August 13th (ABP) – The Minister of Public Service, Labor and Employment, Mrs. Domine Banyankimbona, launched on Wednesday August 11, in Gitega province (central Burundi), the training and the capacity building sessions for the governors and communal administrators or their delegates from the provinces of the central-eastern region of the country, via the National School of Administration, to improve their skills in the management of public services.

Those sessions, organized in series in the different regions of Burundi, aim to train and sensitize administrative officials at national and local level on their undeniable role in the effective management of key areas of Burundian public administration.

Those trainings thus aim to strengthen the skills of administrative officials in the planning of actions aligned with the National Development Plan (PND Burundi 2018-2027) and taking into account the integration of gender in public services and the good management of associations of self-development for inclusive and sustainable development, stressed Mrs. Banyankimbona. She indicated that six modules are on the agenda of these training sessions organized in series, namely the explanation of the PND 2018-2027, the advocacy for the integration of gender in public services, the management of self-development associations, human resources management, ethics and local governance, as well as performance management.

The Minister in charge of the Public Service has indicated that those trainings are in view of achieving the overall objective of the PND Burundi 2018-2027 of “structurally transforming the Burundian economy for strong, sustainable, resilient, inclusive growth, creating decent jobs for all and leading to the improvement of social well-being.

To achieve that goal, Minister Banyankimbona called on administrative officials to pay due attention to these trainings to acquire sufficient background, which will allow them to improve their skills and, consequently, to increase production.

As the priority of development by 2027 is given to the agricultural sector, administrative officials have been called upon to monitor the state of operation of self-development associations and cooperatives. They must align with PND Burundi when drawing up communal community development plans, just as they are invited to adopt gender-sensitive attitudes and behaviors in the management of public services. One of the targeted results is to support the integration of gender equality in development interventions in all sectors.

The Minister in charge of the Public Service recalled that the capacity building of public administrations falls within the framework of the sector strategy of that ministry. She also specified that those sessions fall within the mission assigned to the National School of Administration to ensure continuing training in order to contribute to the quality of the services of administrators and elected officials at national and local level, in various sectors of public administration.