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Spraying against insect pests in Japanese plums


Aug 4, 2021

MURAMVYA August 4th (ABP) – An activity related to the spraying against white flies and aphids that attack the Japanese plum field of more than 2 hectares belonging to the presidential family was organized on Monday at Mpehe hill in the Bugarama zone of Muramvya commune and province (center-west of Burundi).

That activity saw the participation of the management and executives of the Plant Protection Bureau as well as the director of the Provincial Bureau of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock (BPEAE) in Muramvya, his technical team and Rémégie Bazirahomponyoye who is the supervisor responsible for that field. The latter indicated that those executives had come to give advice in connection with that spraying against those insects.

A check by ABP interviewed Mr Bazirahomponyoye who said he and his workers have received advice to continue spraying with the orthen against white flies, aphids or even caterpillars seen in the field. He said that the field was good had it not been for those insects that they are fighting by using the strong phytosanitary products granted by the BPEAE.

The supervisor responsible for that field has given himself two to three days to complete the spraying against the insect pests.