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The owners of anarchic constructions along the roads are called on to complete the repair work before the end of August 2021


Aug 9, 2021

GITEGA August 9th (ABP) – People who have anarchic constructions that exceed the perimeter of six meters of protection at each of the two edges of the road are called upon to continue the work of removing those constructions before the end of this month of August, failing to so they will be sanctioned according to the law.

That appeal was made by the governor of Gitega province (central Burundi), Mr Venant Manirambona, during a meeting he held on Wednesday for officials of the various sectors working in Gitega.

The state of the removal of anarchic constructions is estimated at 90% in Gitega province, as said on Thursday by the chairman of the provincial technical commission for monitoring the implementation of the government measure to respect the right-of-way of the road, Mr. Serges Sabukunze who is also adviser to the governor of Gitega in charge of development.

The governor of Gitega encouraged those who have not yet completed the removal of anarchic constructions to continue the work to finish it on time.

He invited some owners of anarchic constructions who still hesitate to remove them without delay at the risk of exposing themselves to forced demolitions and being hit by the penalties provided for by law. He asked those who have complaints to submit them to the provincial technical commission responsible for monitoring the enforcement of the road right-of-way.

The irregularities observed are for the most part exceeding the building surface area by erecting additional constructions to the main building. These include shops, kiosks, fences, and so on.

The objective pursued by that measure is to restore order around the main roads but also secondary roads in the town center within the framework of urban management and compliance with urban planning standards.

Asked about the state of management of the carpentry and welding workshops located in the town center, Mr. Sabukunze said that an artisanal center has already been identified in the peripheral locality of Rutegama. There remains the development work to make the center functional.

The intended result is to improve the image of the town center so that it really meets the standards of the political capital of the country.