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Rwandans arrested on Burundian soil have been handed over to the Rwandan authorities


Aug 9, 2021

KAYANZA August 9th (ABP) – The governor of Kayanza province (northern Burundi), Colonel Rémy Cishahayo, along with officials of the defense and security forces, handed over to the governor of the southern province of Rwanda on Friday, nearly a dozen people arrested on Burundian soil towards late July, when they had entered Burundi via Kabarore commune in violation of the law.

The provincial authority at the same time handed over a heifer that had been stolen on Monday in the same country.

Those people handed over by the governor of Kayanza to the government of Rwanda are seven young adolescents who entered the country illegally via the Kabarore commune on the border with Rwanda.

On that occasion, Colonel Rémy Cishahayo let it be known that after in-depth investigations carried out about those young people, it was found that their irregular presence in that province did not constitute any malicious intent, reason why the authorities decided to officially hand them over to the Rwanda government.

Governor Cishahayo took the opportunity to ask the inhabitants of Kayanza province and those of the southern province of Rwanda to work together to safeguard cross-border security. He also recommended that they respect the laws governing migratory movements.

On the Rwandan side, Mrs Alice Kayitesi, the governor of the southern province of Rwanda who represented the government, commended the initiative of the Burundi government which, according to her, constitutes proof of revitalization of relations between the southern province of Rwanda and that of Kayanza. She further promised that they will now exchange security-related information and, if necessary, make reciprocal handover of criminals whenever they occur.

As Rwanda celebrated the National First Seed Day (Umuganura) on Friday and as Burundi was celebrating the National Day of Solidarity, the two authorities exchanged drinks of various kinds made in their respective countries.